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Empower the Next Generation

Over the past few years, the I AM THAT WOMAN'S Conference has offered its attendees an exciting opportunity to learn from business owners, government, influencers, and community leaders. This conference brings together a diverse group of women from various cities in the Los Angeles area and abroad to experience a dynamic event with highly recognized speakers and celebrities.

Become a Sponsor TODAY!

It is with the help of our sponsors that we are able to provide such quality programming. We invite you to partner with us to make this event a success. Your support will help us present highly acclaimed speakers and provide attendees with an exciting and affordable way to enrich their lives.

Through extensive marketing for the conference, sponsorship of this event gives your company broad visibility and recognition within the greater Los Angeles Area communities and the opportunity to market your services and products to every attendee. We look forward to collaborating with you to continue encouraging and empowering not only women but all current and future leaders by providing an environment that supports their professional growth and leadership development.

*** We are a non-profit organization Empower to Impact Foundation