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The Event?

  • Major celebrity guest at all events...

  • Vendor space available...

  • Q&A sessions...

  • Networking experiences...

  • Prize give-a-ways...

  • Meet influencers from across the nation... 

Still, We Rise!...

Every year, the conference celebrates the journey of overcoming life’s hurdles and our growth as individuals and as a community, lifting each other up to reach our greatest potential. Whether it is the global pandemic or our own personal battles, we show up, are resilient, persist, We RISE from challenges, and come out stronger. Be a part of our dynamic community as we empower our audience through stories and lessons to cultivate and inspire.   
Q&A with Terri
Q&A with meagan Good


Indoor Wedding Tables


Jeri's starts with an in-depth, one-on-one consultation where we learn exactly what your dream event looks like. We recognize that every event is unique and in a different stage of the planning process, so we offer custom options to suit your every need. 

More Info


Give yourself permission to choose new paths and own new values that propel you toward your inner happy place. Allow yourself to breathe again. These events will empower you and put you on the path to greatness.

Motivational Speaker


This is an opportunity to become a speaker on the big stage. By becoming a member and networking with the organization, you may have an opportunity to speak at "I AM THAT WOMAN" Summit. Find out more about this amazing opportunity. 

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