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Meet Jeri

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Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Jeri B. Shannon is a top leadership keynote speaker and the Founder of Empower to Impact Foundation, a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to eradicating barriers to diversity in the business and the workplace. Jeri has a bachelor's Degree in Communication and is an Influencer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Activist, Author, and Cultural Innovator.

Speaker Topics


Levels of Leadership

By combining the advice in this keynote with work and a willingness to learn, anyone can rise to a higher and more effective leadership level and thus make a greater impact.


Lunch & Learn

Lunch and learn events are a great way to offer employees something informative and fun to do during their midday break. Usually comprised of a short presentation by an expert, lunch and learn events can cover a variety of topics, from career-enhancing tips to personal goals. Topics such as communication, Personal Development, Leadership, Time management, etc.



As a business owner, Jeri has coached business owners, moms, executives, and entrepreneurs. The rise of entrepreneurship and where that leaves us.  Entrepreneurs possess a unique mindset characterized by creativity, risk-taking, innovation, resilience, adaptability, and a strong drive to achieve their goals. This mindset is essential for identifying opportunities, overcoming challenges, and driving business growth.

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Dedicated to the Military


Speaking at Camp Pendleton for Women's History Month was an honor. As military leaders, we face many challenges, and sharing my leadership skills with these women was a blessing. Emphasize the core values of leadership, such as integrity, selflessness, accountability, and loyalty. These values resonate strongly with military personnel. Not only were the women in the room, but we had men there to support the women, which was extra special.


  • Corporations
  • Veteran Administration
  • Schools
  • TEDx
  • Churches & other places of worship
  • Clubs & Groups
  • Retirement Communities¬†
  • Just ask, and I will be there.

A Note From Jeri...

Each day you have a choice of how you are going to show up. Will you take the leap? Will you embrace the challenge? Will you dare to go after your dreams? A life well lived will make you Powerful and unstoppable. 



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Lunch & Learn

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership Challenges

  • Masterclass

  • Conflict Resolutions

  • Motivation Madness



The Results? 

The cornerstones of effective speaking engagements are engaging an audience, inspiring change, and leaving a lasting impact. Jeri has the ability to deliver results and goes beyond the applause at the end of your talk.

The Result? 

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Here's What Others Are Saying...


Jeri say what she means and means what she say. I have heard Jeri speak at Lunch & Learn and corporate America and she delivers her speech in a very powerful way.


Jeri is amazing and we will always be reminded of how powerful we are as women. She was on fire and the women loved her.

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