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Each of us can experience this intimacy with Jesus. Whether you’re in a loving earthly marriage, a marriage that has disappointed, or no mar­riage at all, you can know the relentless love of Jesus. You can have the mind-boggling experience of knowing your Savior intimately and of being known.


This changes everything. Reading the Bible allows us to learn more about our father and hear His declarations of love. Prayer becomes an opportunity to show that love back. You will become confident that you can share your secret fears with Him and unburden your hearts due to the certainty of His affection. Because we live in complete assurance of the King's love, we are no longer required to compete for accolades or strive for recognition.


This book will teach you how to have a relationship with Jesus and share how I overcame my fears and learned to trust HIM.

ebook "ME LOVE YOU"

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