These Events, the appearances to sold out audiences that  appeals to a wide demographic of women.

This event will feature speakers, workshops, and panel discussions with successful women from all backgrounds. The attendees and panelists will engage in inspiration and informative conversations.

The topics will include entrepreneurship, utilizing key business and financial strategies, education, and entertainment. Jeri's goal is to bring women of all ages together for a meaningful day of exploring ways to develop and build confidence

Who Will Be There?

* Female Celebrities

* Business Owners and Executives

* Entrepreneurs

* Life and Wellness Coaches

* Film Producers, Household names, etc

* Young Entrepreneurs in the early stages of their careers who have specific needs in areas such as goal-setting and career planning, skill building, networking, or navigating an employment or educational transition.


**** All events will be covered by major press and media outlets as well as supported by local and international sponsors.

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